Being able to live independently as a senior is a gift and being able to have and care for pets – whether they live with you or not – is certainly one of the perks. Still, you want to take things easy so here are 3 simplified pet care tips for you. 

Easy-access Supplies

You want to make sure pet supplies are easy to reach so you don’t strain yourself and can take care of your pet’s needs quickly.

For example, getting automatic feeders and water dispensers means your pet always has food and water available without you needing to do it manually. It’s also a good idea to keep pet supplies on shelves or in containers with handles at waist level or lower, so you can grab them easily without stretching or bending.

So put up a shelf near your pet’s feeding area for food containers, treats, and grooming tools. Label each container for easy identification and use a long-handled scoop to dish out food without straining. When it’s feeding time, just open the containers, scoop out the meal, and refill as needed.

Grooming Shortcuts

You don’t want to spend too much time grooming, but you still want your pet to be clean and healthy.

Invest in low-maintenance grooming tools; using grooming gloves or mitts makes it really easy to remove loose fur with just a simple petting motion. Better still, invest in professional grooming services. Taking your pet to a professional groomer often means they’ll get all the necessary grooming without you having to do it yourself.

So, say you have a cat. Get a grooming glove with soft rubber bristles to easily remove loose fur from your pet’s coat with gentle strokes. In fact, place a self-grooming brush where they like to hang out, encouraging them to groom themselves. Then schedule monthly grooming appointments with a professional groomer to keep your pet looking their best.

Simple Exercise Routines

You want to keep both you and your pet active and happy without making it too complicated.

A good place to start is with indoor agility courses. Setting up a simple agility course with household items often gets your pet moving and having fun indoors. Similarly, interactive toys are a good idea. Giving your pet toys that dispense treats or engage their senses really keeps them entertained and moving without much effort from you.

For example, create an indoor agility course using cushions, a cardboard box tunnel, and low hurdles for your dog to jump over. Use treats as motivation and praise as they complete each obstacle. For your cat, try a puzzle feeder or a laser pointer for some fun exercise.

Pets can be awesome companions in your golden years, especially if you’re not overexerting yourself by taking care of them. So try out these simplified pet care tips!

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