If you’ve a meeting or function to attend, or you need to get away with the family for a weekend trip, you’ll have to find a boarding kennel that’s right for you. Once you find a reputable company, you can leave your dog knowing they’ll thoroughly enjoy their stay. Professional boarding kennels are run by highly trained, loving personnel. Here are just some of the reasons you should drop your dog into a boarding kennel.

  1. Outside Play Area

If you must leave your dogs in a kennel for a few days, you’ll be happy to find that they provide outdoor play areas. Your dog will get regular exercise every day to ensure the stay healthy and happy while you are away. Good quality dog boarding in Sydney should always include an exercise run area. Some of the best facilities will also have swimming pools or lakes for your dog to cool off and get some much-needed physical activity.

  1. Socialising

When it comes to taking care of your pets when you go away, you’ve two main options – boarding kennel or dog sitter. Some will leave their pets with a friend or family member, but this can get difficult if you are going away for an extended period. The reason why many choose a boarding kennel is simple, it allows their dog to mix with others.

  1. Safe Environment

One thing is for sure, when you leave your dog in a licensed, reputable boarding kennel, they’ll be well looked after by professional staff. Qualified personnel are on hand to take care of your dog around the clock, ensuring they are safe, well-fed and have access to outdoor play areas. All of the facilities are checked to ensure your dog is never put at risk.

  1. Developing Confidence

Your dog will develop confidence when they are exposed to a boarding kennel. If your pet is anxious about being left alone, experienced trainers will ensure they are comfortable in their new surroundings. Once they feel at ease with the new environment, they’ll then be allowed to mix and exercise with other dogs. You’ll soon see a change in their behaviour, they’ll be more confident when they return home.

  1. Monitoring

If you are really worried about your pet, some of the boarding kennel offer webcam access, so you can keep an eye on your dog when you are away. If your dog was anxious going into the kennel, you can check to see if they are adapting okay.

  1. Professional Team

A reputable dog boarding kennel or any other training centre that offers a dog sitting service will have fully qualified, highly trained personnel. These centres have everything your dog needs to fully enjoy their stay.

There is a whole host of good reasons to use a dog boarding kennel for when you need to leave your dog at home. There are times when your pet cannot travel, and you’ll need a sitter. The most affordable option is going to be a boarding kennel. It gives your dog the chance to socialise and play in a protected environment while you’re away.

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