When you think of cats, you think of all rest and regality. You don’t think of a cat running around the backyard with so much excitement, compared to their canine counterparts. Instead, you’ll find that cats are content sitting by the window all day long, napping and enjoying the view on their own.

However, that doesn’t mean they don’t require or enjoy playing with their owners! Cats love mental and physical stimulation, from things like pet toys from Peggasus Pets, down to games with their humans. So yes, cats DO need pet toys and games as well.

But why? Read on to find out.

  1. They Need Stimulation

There are toys that provide mental stimulation for your cat, which is very helpful especially for indoor cats who need to learn important survival skills, including chasing, stalking, and trapping pretty. They need to express this natural behavior, and they can do that through playtime and pet toys.

By giving them the avenue to play, they will feel mentally stimulated, powering their minds and keeping them away from boredom and frustration. Pet toys are also beneficial to keep your cat’s mind at ease while you are busy or out of the house.

  1. They Need Exercise

Playtime is very important to keep your cat happy and healthy. With the right toys, you get to give your cat the exercise they need, which is important for those who live indoors.

With regular playtime, your cat stays active, keeping them at a healthy weight and preventing conditions caused by obesity.

  1. Build a Relationship

Of course, you have to establish a positive relationship with your pet! And there’s no better way to do that than with playtime. When you give your cat the time of day to play, they will have a ton of fun and associate that feeling towards you. This will have them get to know you better and feel more comfortable with your presence, building their love and trust.

There are other ways to build your relationship with your cat, such as cuddles and talks, but you should allot at least 15 minutes of your day to mentally and physically stimulate them, too.

  1. Make Sure You Choose the Right Toys

Cats need playtime just as much as dogs and humans, but maybe a bit less than you’d expect. When they do want to play, you have to make sure that they are in a safe environment with safe toys. Furthermore, make sure that you are playing safe and fun games with them as well.

Here are some safe and fun toys to try:

  • Food puzzle toys during mealtimes to help with their mental health
  • Fishing pole or wand toys
  • Mouse toys without choking hazards
  • Plush toys, as long as they aren’t made with nutshells, beans, or polystyrene beads
  • Household items like yarn and paper bags, but make sure they are  set aside after playtime

Wrapping It Up

Playtime is very important for cats, and a part of their physical and mental health. Make sure that you invest in the right toys and give them the time of day dedicated for playtime. Have fun!

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