Since many cat proprietors know, cats might have unique as well as cool preferences to just about anything — even with regards to getting a glass or two water! For a lot of cats, supplying a brand new bowl water isn’t enough.

For any feline’s health, it is important they drink enough water to remain hydrated. Although true for those cats, it’s particularly important for older cats.

There are many methods to improve your cat’s water consumption. Instinctively felines don’t like to consume water that’s located alongside their dead prey. The main reason? Due to the possibility water is contaminated with bacteria in the dead prey. It is really an innate survival instincts in cats. For that domestic house cat their dead prey may be the food within their food bowl. Ever question why your cat loves to drink from sinks or perhaps your glass? Because for your cat, it’s clean and fresh and never located alongside it’s food bowl. Should you locate your cat’s water bowl a long way away from the meal source, he’ll drink more water. Additionally for this essential key to improve your cats water, here are a few other great ideas:

1.) Supply your cat with wet food (canned food). Many vets are recommending cats be given wet food rather of, or additionally to, dry food since the added moisture submissions are very healthy for the cat. I suggest feeding your cats both wet and dry food.

2.) Should you already supply your cat with wet food, stir some water in it for additional moisture.

3.) Have several water resource as well as in different areas of your property. The novelty of getting additional water bowls can improve your felines intake of water. Also, inside a multi-cat household, felines will compete and subtly guard important sources. Water (not only food) is one. Getting several water bowl in various areas of the house can help the cats time-share this important sources simpler and reduce the likelihood of the cat being discouraged in the water resource by another cat.

4.) Cats possess a distinct preference for flowing water. Either departing a faucet running in a small stream or investing in a cat fountain that gives a continuing stream of filtered water.

5.) A broader water bowl. Cats don’t like their whiskers touching the edges of the bowl.

6.) Cats like freshwater. Change water at least one time each day. Make sure to rinse the residue within the bowl that accumulates.

7.) Put a piece of ice within their water. Many cats enjoy cold water and can drink more whether it’s cold.

8.) Possess the water bowls within an area in which the cat has quick access and feels safe consuming. If she’s not completely comfortable with your family dog, you need to locate your water bowls with an elevated surface in which the dog can’t reach.

9.) Make certain your cat’s water bowl (and food!) aren’t located close to the cat litter box! That is one method not only to cause cat litter box problems, but cause your cat not to drink enough water.

10.) For older cats who might be more sedate, possess a water bowl near where they rest and spend probably the most time.

NOTE: Your cat will have a medical issue if he’s all of a sudden not consuming just as much water. It certainly is smart to bring your cat towards the vet to eliminate these problems if you notice a general change in his food or intake of water (decrease or increase).

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