Grooming is an essential part of pet care. It is important for physical health as well as the appearance of your pet. Start training your pet for grooming from an early age because later, they may not be agreeable for it, especially when it comes to brushing and nail clipping. Read more below about the various aspects of affordable pet care and grooming:

  • Brushing: Brushing or combing should happen every dayirrespective of the breed of the pet. It removes dead hair and tangles and stimulates natural skin oils. Choose the brush according to the fur of your pet, for example, a curved pin brush for the long, straight coat, a regular wire slicker for medium-length, and a grooming mitt for the short smooth coat. For tangles, a pet-friendly detangler can be used.
  • Bathing: Use warm water, even in summer, because cold water can give your pet chills, and he will have a bad association with bathing. While bathing small pets, support them in a tub so that they do not fright. Give them full-body massage while shampooing, it will relax them. Always dry them after the bath to prevent chilling, especially in cold days.
  • Nail-clipping:Regular nail trimming is required for grooming your pet. Long nails can cause their toes to spread, which puts pressure on their ankle-joints, and they may experience difficulty in walking around and can also permanently damage their toes by bending into unnatural positions. Pets with hooves need regular professional foot care.
  • Teeth cleaning: Most pets enjoy a gentle massage on gums and brushing their teeth. It keeps their mouth fresh and healthy. Also, it enables you to detect when your pet needs professional dental help. Remember to use animal toothpaste.
  • Ears: You should regularly clean your pet’s ears to keep them clean and free from debris and excess buildup of earwax. You can damp a small cotton ball in mineral oil and clean the ear carefully. If the ears are dirty, smell bad or look sore, visit your vet.

Grooming can be a delightful activity for you and your pet and makes your pet familiar with your touch. Besides all the affordable pet care, grooming keeps your pet clean and happy, hence results in less frequent vet care visits.

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