It’s so cute watching dogs get extremely excited about everything, especially when it comes to walks. Just say the word ‘walk’, and you can find a lot of dogs scrambling for the door, ready to head on out!

BUT, it can get too much, and that excitement might not die down even during the walk. This can pose a risk to you, your dog, and anything around him. This is why you need to learn how to walk your overly excited dog and lessen that intensity for his fun and safety.

Here are some tips you can follow!

  1. Unleash the Calmness

Does your dog get very excited just by looking at the leash? Then you’ll have to change things immediately, unless you want to be with a dog that has no impulse control. Your dog may end up engaging in such behavior in other situations, which ends up being a hassle to deal with in the long run.

When you attach your dog’s leash or harness every time your dog goes crazy over seeing it, then you’re reinforcing this negative behavior. This is why you need to ‘unleash the calmness’.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Command your dog to sit down and only clip on the leash or harness when your dog is calm.
  • If your dog gets up right before placing the leash or harness, stop what you’re doing and walk away. This will show them that their overexcitement sends you away.
  • Stay persistent and try again, repeating the cycle until your dog is calm as you put on the leash or harness.
  1. Choose the Correct Gear

Be prepared with the proper walking equipment for your dog’s safety and enjoyment. Overly excited dogs are more prone to accidents and exert even more energy, requiring more hydration and some safety precautions.

Bring water, their ID tags, some treats, and plastic bags. And if you plan on going for a drive to the nearest dog park, don’t forget to place dog car seat covers to prevent further messes!

Of course, don’t forget to use the correct walking gear, such as a harness. This is great for big and energetic dogs, as harnesses will give you more control and prevent your dog from propelling forward.

  1. Reinforce Calm Behavior

As you go leash training with the methods below, you may see the results you want. When your dog is calm on the leash, give him rewards, including praises and treats.

With this in mind, your dog may still end up feeling excited, or even anxious. If that’s the case, more effort and gear may be needed to treat such emotions, including things like a calming pet bed from places like PetSwag.

By helping reinforce calm and anxiety-free behaviors, you can get your dog to love walks and feel less intense over it.

Wrapping It Up

You wouldn’t want to deal with an overly excite dog, especially when you are heading out and exposing your pet to new objects and animals! Follow these tips above to keep your dog calm and level-headed next time he goes out on a walk. Good luck!

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