If you have a trip planned and you’re going to be bringing your pet along, there is a bit more preparation that will have to take place than if you were to be traveling alone. So to help make sure that the stress of traveling with a pet isn’t too much for you and that your pet is safe and secure throughout the duration of your trip, here are three tips for traveling with your pet in tow. 

Visit The Vet Before You Leave

Before you take off on your trip, it’s wise to first make an appointment with your pet’s veterinarian first. 

Just as you should visit the doctor before you take off on a big trip overseas to make sure that your body is up for the task, by seeing your vet before your trip, you can ensure that your pet will be safe and healthy on your trip as well. 

At the vet, you can ask any questions that you might have about your pet’s health and what you should be doing to keep them safe while traveling. You can also double check that they are current with their vaccinations and that, if your pet takes medication, you have enough to last you through your trip. You can also ask about sedation if that’s something you’re interested in for when you’re in transit. 

Make Sure Your Pet Is Properly Secured

While you’re actively traveling with your pet, be it in a car or on an airplane, it’s vital that you ensure that your pet is properly secured. Just as you wouldn’t sit in the car or a plane without your seatbelt on, your pet shouldn’t be doing this either. 

Harnesses or carriers can work great for keeping your pet secure while in transit. Additionally, if you’re going to be visiting people who might have an issue with being around your pet, like an elderly loved one in an assisted living facility or family members with small children, having a harness, tether, crate, or carrier can also be helpful in these situations. 

Bring Along The Necessary Supplies

Ideally, you should pack a bag for your pet just as you pack a bag for yourself when preparing to travel. In this bag, you should include things like toys, food, water, medicines, a bed, their collar or identification, and anything else that you think could be beneficial to have when traveling. You might also want to pack some treats in the event that you need to coax your pet into doing something that they might be hesitant about.

If you’ll soon be taking a trip and have decided to bring your pet along with you, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you make this an enjoyable trip for everyone involved.  

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