Over the past few months our lives have become more digital than ever. Access to the products our pets need has become limited. The good news is that there are online pet stores like Vetsend that make our lives and our pets’ lives so much easier. Different breeds. Different sizes. Our pets have their own personalities and tastes. Thanks to these online stores we can have access to a wide variety of products and services to pamper them. From food, treats and medicines to toys, clothing, accessories and bedding. We can have all this from one place and from the comfort of our home. The happiness of our pets is our priority. They are a member of our family and deserve the best.

Online support as if delivered in person

One of the things that many pet owners are most concerned about is getting the right care for their pet. Although in most cases online care can be done without any problems, some people do not trust them. This is where receiving personalized care directly from a veterinarian is paramount. Getting the products your pet needs is excellent. Having access to a certified veterinarian right in the store is invaluable. Thanks to advances in technology, a qualified veterinarian can verify your pet’s health status online. This way, they can recommend the best products available and you can access them quickly and directly. Don’t worry, if necessary, the veterinarian will suggest a visit to their office.

Track your shipping, free delivery and returns

Once we have purchased the food or toy that will make our pet happy, we need to know when the product will arrive. Every online store that offers a good service has the ability to track shipments. Don’t forget to verify if they offer this service before placing your order. When it comes to your pet, you don’t want any unpleasant surprises. The best online pet stores offer you the possibility to get free shipping with purchases over a certain amount. They also offer you the chance to return your order for free.  This is really useful when you buy some clothing or accessory for your pet that turns out not to be to his liking, not to be of the right size or in the worst case, to cause any harm. A quality service will give you the peace of mind to have a healthy and happy pet.

One of the most important needs for bearded dragons is that you provide the proper environment. This includes the size of the enclosure, substrate, heating and lighting sources, and humidity.

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