For a long time now, dogs have been sought after many a reason, one of the biggest reasons is security or guarding. For whatever reason, dogs offer a peace of mind that you just don’t find with a camera feed.

Which dog?

Making the decision to get a dog is probably quite an easy one, but do you know what dog to go for? It can be a very personal choice with temperament, looks and personality being part of the selection process. Regardless, you will want the dog trained professionally for health and safety reasons if nothing else. A quick search will show you companies offering dog boarding in Sydney in addition to all of the other professional services that are required.

You might also look into breeds of dogs, of which here are the most commonly chosen dog breeds with some information about them, do check before buying, your local authority might have restrictions on particular breeds.

Top breeds for security

  1. Akita – fearless and bold, a menacing threat to trespassers.
  2. Belgian Malinois – one of the most lively, prone to tearing things apart if they don’t get enough attention though.
  3. Bullmastiff – also known as the ‘silent watchdog’ a cross between an English Bulldog and an English Mastiff.
  4. Doberman Pinscher – known as the ‘ultimate’ guard dogs, Intelligent, determined, loyal and fearless.
  5. German Shepherd – the second most sought after of guard dogs offering unparalleled strength.
  6. Giant Schnauzer – a working dog from Bavaria, used for a host of different jobs, including police, guard, haulage and farming.
  7. Great Pyrenees – highly defensive and protective, great with children.
  8. Pit Bull – banned in many places, not their fault, breeders and lack of understanding when it comes to training.
  9. Rottweiler – energetic, able to take on heavy tasks, defensive and affectionate.
  10. Siberian Husky – hugely resilient, and have great endurance, can be very demanding.

Check, check and triple check.

Please do check before you become serious about obtaining a new dog, especially their breed is part of the above list, a real shame but not all dogs are permitted in certain areas. There is a library of history surrounding the reasons and you may even hear people say, “Oh, it’s because they are a dangerous breed”.

Sure, different breeds have different temperaments, but dogs usually act a certain way based on how they are trained or what they are exposed to. Treated and trained correctly, there should be no reason at all why all dogs could be welcome anywhere.

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