How rewarding it’s for the dog to sit down and remain comfortably before you decide to permit him to acquire some food, or treat or perhaps a toy. As well as for your pet, it’s a wonderful experience to hang about until you to own command. Because that’s the way your dog really wants to communicate with you. You’re in control of his space and that he will obey and reward you whenever you make training fun.

The Sit & Stay Game makes dog training to sit down and remain an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the two of you.

Rules from the Game

Select a high-reward food and make certain that the dog is hungry and able to eat.

Choose the “Command” word. Ensure that it stays consistent, something similar to “Sit (or Stay or Wait)” is effective.

Choose the “No Reward” marker word, something similar to “Not a chance (or Bad or Opps)” is effective.

Be careful about your dog’s language. What sort of dog states “please” is to buy in to the “sit” position.

Have patience. You dog will sit to state “please” (eventually).

Sit & Stay Food Bowl Game

Whenever a dog wants food, a toy, to experience, or simply going out of the door, he searches for an order in the pack leader. So here is a brilliant method to train your pet that’s fun and rewarding. Simultaneously, you’re giving your pet the sense that you’re those leader:

Ask your pet to “Sit” when you contain the food bowl from achieve out of your dog, a couple of ft away. Stand sideways with one shoulder facing him. Contain the bowl on the other side.

Start to lower the bowl straight lower towards the floor. While you lower the bowl, in case your dog moves or will get up, simply say very matter-of-factly “Not a chance” (your command word) AND simultaneously slowly move the bowl away and from achieve. Then ask your pet to sit down again. (You may want to leave position so that you can face your pet sideways or put him back to position if he’s scooted forward). The bottom line is to begin fresh in the same position again.

Whenever your dog maintains the SIT POSITION, start decreasing the bowl towards the floor–as they continues to be in place. In case your dog begins to wake up arrive at the bowl, pull the bowl back again. The bottom line is that you’re bending lower using the bowl and pulling back using the bowl until you can put it on the ground while your pet is HOLDING THE SIT POSITION.

Eye contact is key together with your dog as they is incorporated in the sit position. You would like your pet in which to stay the sit position AND eye contact is key, before you decide to slowly move the bowl for your dog and create it for him.

If you have placed the bowl on the ground, say “Stay” (or perhaps your command word), wait a couple of seconds, then slowly move the bowl towards your pet and permit him to eat. Don’t over expect out of your dog, yet. Only a couple of seconds of HOLDING THE STAY POSITION “wait” time is nice initially.

Whenever your dog has maintained the SIT & STAY for any couple of seconds, then slowly move the bowl toward your pet and permit him to eat his food. Take part in the game a couple of occasions each day, at feeding time, adding a couple of seconds towards the “Stay” time until your pet supports the SIT & STAY position and he has the bowl. You’re working on your dog’s behavior to sit down and watch for your command to get the reward.

Remember you and your dog must understand the guidelines: To get food your pet must contain the Sit & Stay position and check out you (and not the food) to win the sport!

You can test this having a treat, a ball or toy too. Ensure that it stays fun, laugh at the dog as he attempts to cheat, and provide your pet praise as he will get it right.

The Sit & Stay Game isn’t just about dog training to sit down and remain for food. It comes down to the praise you allow–and also the pleasure you receive whenever your dog nicely sits and stays for you personally. How it is really about is winning an enjoyable and rewarding relationship for you and your dog!

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