Pets such as bunnies, chinchillas, and guinea pigs spend most of their time eating and thinking about hay. It is essential to their health, and offering your pet the freshest hay is the best way to motivate it. Also, regular access to various hay textures prevents your pet from becoming a picky eater. Here are some unique ways to feed your furry friend.

Try mixing it up

The digestive system of herbivores is meant to have food passing through all the time, and when they are not eating, they are chewing cud. That facilitates peristalsis, a continuous motion to maintain the herbivore’s digestive system and health. Fresh grass hay is the best to keep your pets busy and healthy.

While some herbivores eat up everything with enthusiasm, others are picky eaters. When your pet stops eating hay even for the slightest time, it can lead to a health condition called gastrointestinal stasis. Hay combinations can make feeding time more enjoyable for your pet and prevent them from becoming picky eaters.

Provide several hay varieties every day by mixing up flavors and textures to expand your pet’s palate. If your bunny is accustomed to eating timothy hay daily, you can mix it with orchard grass to add a sweet and soft touch. Other combinations include organic meadow+timothy hay, oat+orchard, orchad+botanical, and botanical+organic meadow.

You can also mix between bags since no hay boxes are exactly alike in terms of textures and taste. That can lessen and ultimately prevent any picky eating habits over time.

Establish a fun foraging experience

Foraging is when herbivores search for food for adequate nutrition. In the wild, foraging is diverse, changing daily according to the environment, weather, season, and even the presence of predators. But with your domesticated pets, you have to create for them a foraging experience, and bunnies are great foragers.

You can hide appropriate types of fresh fruit, different varieties of hay flavors, veggies, and healthy treats in the hay you provide your pets. Then sit back and enjoy watching them as they forage to get those tasty treats in the hay.

Accessorize if possible

It doesn’t have to be boring to feed your herbivore. Incorporating hay-based accessories into your pet’s habitat can transform it into a more enriching habitat. You can buy them timothy-based chews and treats to ensure a happy feeding experience. You can also accessorize their habitats with Timothy woven mats that don’t contain wires or anything that would harm their health.

Ensure a consistent supply of hay

Herbivores always fancy munching hay while going about their businesses. Therefore providing a steady supply of hay to your pets is the best way to rear them. That will also ensure they consume adequate amounts of hay every day and keep them fat and healthy. Whether your bunny is a nature lover or soft and sweet, having a consistent supply of hay will keep it vibrant.

The takeaway

You should try different ways to make your pet feeding even more exciting, from mixing up hay flavors and textures to hiding tasty treats in the hay for your pet to enjoy a rewarding foraging experience.

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