Parrot enthusiasts worldwide wish to find and use every option for improving their pet bird’s health, comfort, and safety. They research the pet bird products, accessories, diet plans, exercises, and tips and tricks to care for their beloved pet companion. They can access the green parrots guide at any time they wish to own a green parrot and care for it as per the professional guidelines from people who have years of experiences with green parrots as their pets.  It is the suitable time for exploring different green parrots and enhancing your expertise to buy the green parrot without any doubt.

Red-shouldered Macaw and Great Green Macaw

Red-shouldered Macaw is one of the most popular Macaw species as many people with a small space for their beloved parrot pet prefer and buy this small parrot. This parrot is very intelligent and known for its ability to learn words, phrases, and tricks within a short period. However, it needs proper training and care to grow into beloved companion.  The size of this green parrot is only 12 inches. The weight of this parrot is from four to six ounces.

Great Green Macaw is larger than other Macaw species. If you wish to have one of the largest Macaws in our time, then you can pick and buy the Great Green Macaw. This parrot is entirely green in its color.  This bird is indigenous to Central and South America. This bird is one among endangered parrot species. The loss of the natural habitat is an important reason behind why this bird now belongs to the list of endangered species.

Military Macaw and Amazon Parrot

Individuals who love green parrots can get the latest and easy-to-follow green parrots guide online. They can concentrate on the basics and keep up-to-date with the guidelines to care for the parrots. The military macaw is generally green and called “military” as its color resembles a military parade uniform. This bird has mostly green color with some dark and olive plumage.

There are red forehead and tail with blue wing edges in this parrot.  You cannot easily buy this parrot from the pet shop because it is protected parrot type like so many South American parrot species.  Amazon parrot is native to the banks of the popular Amazon River. It mostly lives in South America and Caribbean. This bird has spots of yellow especially around the beak and tail. This popular house pet bird makes everyone happy.

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