If you have pets, then you will have had to take them to a vet at some point in time, maybe it was a necessity or, perhaps you already have an existing relationship with the vets and have used them for years. Either way, if you live in or around Stoke on Trent, you have options which could mean that you get a better service or, save some money, here’s what to look out for;

What to consider

If you are open to the idea of receiving a better level of service, from your veterinary services in Stoke on Trent or saving some money  then you should consider the following;

  1. Distance – The last thing you’ll want is to compromise the cost over practicality, what if you have an emergency? The nearer you are to the vets, the better.
  2. Hours – What are their operating hours? Some don’t open until 11am. That’s no good if you need assistance at 9am.
  3. Animal care – How they deal with the animals and, how the animals react to the vet is really important, some animals hate going anyway, but, the more relaxed that they are, the less traumatic the trip will be.
  4. Price – Price should be the last thing on the list unless you are really strapped for cash, it’s always better to get a higher quality of service than it is to get a ‘cheap’ one.

Additional services

Look out for added value services like training or obedience courses, they could be really useful. Your pet might find it useful too.

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