Many Australians have a parrot as a pet, as this extremely intelligent bird has a lot to offer, providing you understand the amount of time you must invest in your new companion, and if you are thinking of raising a young parrot or cockatoo, here are a few tips.

  • Understand the Commitment – Parrots can live to 50 years, so be prepared for a lifelong relationship, and from the first day, you will need to teach your pet and be a companion. If you neglect the bird by not spending time with them, this usually results in bad behaviour and very noisy screeching. When you are away on business or taking that much-needed annual break, you can’t leave your parrot alone in the home, and with bird boarding in NSW, you can rest assured that your pet will be well looked after.
  • Birds are Social Creatures – The parrot or cockatoo is a flock bird, so if you were thinking of leaving him in his cage in the corner of the room, think again, as the bird needs social interaction. If you invest your time in the relationship, you and the bird will experience a very rewarding relationship, and if you run into any issues, there is a lot of free resources online. Ideally, your bird should have a least two exercise sessions, when they can explore and fly around the room.
  • Noise – It goes with the territory, and while the bird won’t be screeching and calling all the time, they usually spend an hour a day calling to the flock, which is perfectly natural for a parrot, amazon or cockatoo. As a general rule, the better your relationship with the bird, the less they will feel the need to call others of their species.
  • Parrots Can Be Destructive – The birds have a very tough beak and can quickly destroy furniture, so when you let the bird out of the cage, make sure someone is always present to supervise. Most people provide their bird with toys, items that they can destroy, and as they are very smart, it doesn’t take long for the bird to understand what is out of bounds.
  • Great Companion – The more time you put into your relationship with your parrot, the more rewarding it is, for both you and the bird, and as parrots can live for 50 years, this is a lifelong companion that will bring you much pleasure over the years.

You are advised to do some online research about parrots and cockatoos, which will help you gain a deeper understanding of the species, and then you can select a suitable young bird.

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