Some people may think of this as luxury, but for pet owners, the wellbeing of their dogs is above everything else. If you live alone, or don’t have someone to take care of the dog when you are away at work, you may want to consider a doggy daycare center. True to the name, a doggy daycare facility takes care of your dog when you are away. Many facilities also offer services like pet taxi, boarding, and dog grooming Commack, and in this post, we are discussing more on the things you can expect.

Professional team and great reviews

Asking fellow dog owners about doggy daycare facilities they have tried in Commack is a great way to shortlist options. In case you don’t have recommendations, you can check online for the best-rated options near you. Positive independent reviews can be really handy for selecting a handful of options.

The second thing that matters is the team that’s running the facility. If a doggy daycare center can accommodate 20 dogs in a day, they must be adequately staffed to ensure that each pet gets enough care. In other words, the staff-to-dog ratio does matter. At any given point of time, you don’t want the dog to be left unattended.

Cleanliness and maintenance

This is often an aspect that pet owners end up ignoring. With dogs, certain issues are a serious matter of concern – ticks, fleas, skin rashes, dandruff, and there is a higher chance of your dog having one of these problems, if the doggy daycare is not well-maintained. When it comes to comparing facilities and centers near you, do check for cleanliness.

Pay a personal visit and review the kennels, rooms, play area, and other places, like grooming centers and so on. Many centers also offer spa and grooming options as a part of the package, so if you want the pooch to have a pampering time, you can consider booking such a deal.

Transparent pricing

Lastly, let’s not forget that transparent pricing does matter, considering that you may have to avail such a facility time and again. Check how the doggy daycare center charges clients for each day, what is included, and what kind of food they provide. If you intend to leave your dog behind for a day or two, the boarding rooms and suites need to be well-maintained and private.

Check online now to find Commack’s best doggy daycare options!

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